Meet The Maker Event

meet the maker

The Meet the Maker Event scheduled for Sat 4th April ran aground. April 2020 was the real wrong time for a tailor from the North of Italy to be travelling to meet our clients. Think we’d all run a mile! Thanks be to God Richard Farrell has 25 years experience working with Zegna Made to Measure and is more than capable of measuring up the good the bad and the ugly…….

Edmund Mc Nulty our Knitwear Man was going to show his wares and take a few orders, think we’ll see Ed again before we’ll see Salvatore……

It was to be our first event with the very talented John Shevlin. John has been making the most beautiful hats for many years. We were very much looking forward to selling his bespoke Panama Hats. His impressive list of clients include, President of Ireland Michael D Higgins. We’ll hopefully have John back for the Autumn / Winter season with his felt and wool hats. If we ever get back into the city again John has a shop in Temple Bar Dublin 2 that’s worth a visit.

Rob Galvin is our go to man for a topical term at the moment. Essentials. Rob has been working on making the most eco friendly, sustainable, products for a few years now. His Stór collection of Bamboo socks, boxers and t-shirts are a big hit with our clients. We’ll definitely see Rob at the next Event.

Another first for us was to be Bespoke Sofa introducing their new collections of bespoke furniture. We’ll get Gerry and the team back soon. In the meantime when we do reopen our Mezzanine floor is home to some beautiful pieces from Bespoke Sofa.

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