Made to Measure



Customised Designs & Personalised Options

Frewen & Aylward has been a bastion of exclusive tailoring for over 50 years. A dedication to perfection together with a renowned quality of craftsmanship has helped create the long-standing reputation Frewen & Aylward has come to represent. As a reliable high quality made to measure retailer, we ensure that your needs are met with perfectly fitting garments and infinite style variations. The ability to combine our high tailoring standards together with our production partners experience guarantees the best suit you will ever own.

We invite you to become part of the design process and help you to create a truly exclusive and unique suit customised to your specifications. Frewen & Aylward Tailoring offers a vast selection of suit styles with a wide range of variations and options, such as; real opening cuffs, contrast stitching, contrasting body and sleeve linings.

How To Order Your Made To Measure Suit

Each client is unique and has a specific body type which requires precision tailoring. Perhaps you prefer a style of suit that is difficult to find off the rack. Double Breasted suits surprisingly amounts to over 20% of our Made to Measure Suit orders. Pleated trousers are also a niche business with the current trend for narrower leg trousers.

The measuring process can be done in-store or in the comfort of your office or your home. The cloth and design selection is where you can do what you want. Whether it’s classic tailoring using the finest cloths in the world or a slim fit hard wearing suit we can cater for whatever you want.